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Bird Nest Easter Cupcakes


Happy start to the Easter weekend! I’ve writing about all things Easter this past week at work so it’s fair to say I’m rather eggshausted 😉 haha yes I went there.
Anyway, with the Easter weekend upon us I thought it would be great to serve up something sweet. Kaylah and I baked some Easter inspired cupcakes.

The fun part

Because she is more of a baker than I am, I decided that I would let her guide me. That being said, I used to bake cupcake with my grandmother all the time so I’m not completely clueless.
The recipe we used was a classic vanilla recipe that you will be able to find over on Kaylahoshryevents over the weekend.

We also filmed us baking said cupcakes! The bird-nests were inspired by a video done by my ultimate YouTuber inspiration Zoella.

I hope that you enjoy this video, as I mentioned in the video what were some of your Easter traditions? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Have a wonderful easter!

Thanks, VB xx

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