If you were wondering where I’ve been lately, I’m here to fill you in…


Let’s just start with the obvious issue – I have anxiety. GAD ( Generalized Anxiety Disorder). There’s nothing glam about it and I’m not talking about it to get internet brownie points, it’s just simply the reason I haven’t been up to scratch with my posts. I’ve been so stuck in my own head that the thought of doing anything even the slightest bit challenging feels overwhelming. The last thing I want is for it to take over my blog and how I handle it, so I decide to push past the anxiety and talk about it.

I didn’t realise that anxiety was something I ‘had’ until it hit me like a ton of bricks in my third year of being a fashion student. I wasn’t getting enough sleep, I wasn’t eating right and I was becoming paranoid and afraid of being left alone. The thought of doing my work made me feel like I couldn’t breathe and if I hadn’t gotten help I might have never completed my final year.

Having anxiety (to me), is feeling like I can’t breathe when I think about the week ahead or feeling like I have the hugest lump in my throat or that my heart is going to explode. It feels like I’m being judged and criticized, like I’m immediately going to fail at anything I try to do. Anxiety holds me back from always believing in myself, it makes me doubt everything I work so hard for.

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The upside to all of this is that I luckily have the most wonderful support system. The people in my life know that there will be times when I snap out of no where, get really worked up and then burst into tears. They know that watching Disney movies calm me down and that often all I need is a hug and a helping hand to get through the task in front of me.

I don’t want to overload you with information because I feel this is something I could talk about at length. That being said I do love getting to talk about it, so if you like posts like this and if you have anxiety then please don’t be afraid to share your experiences with me. If you too feel that some days you’re rushing to the finishing line but can’t get over the hurdles, then boo, I’m here for you!

I can even share some of my tips that help me feel better and then you can share yours. This Journal segment of my blog will be all about me sharing my thoughts and feelings about life.

(p.s. sorry about the false alarm post the other day, it was a giant flop.)

Please be sure to let me know what you think!

Thanks, VB xx


  • The two of us have chated about this topic at length šŸ‘ and I love having someone who understands me when it comes to anxiety. So great to just have someone to talk to that knows what you are going through. I got you babeā¤! Love this post and love you millions!

    • You’re such an important part of my support system ā™„ I wouldn’t here today without you!! Love you with all my heart!!

  • Thanks for sharing this. I literally THIS week went to the doctor for anxiety. I am taking the steps to rangle it, but am glad to see I’m not the only one out there!

    • Thank you for opening up šŸ™‚ it’s so important for those with anxiety to speak up and stand together ā™„ I will be sure to give updates on how things go and also check out your site too! šŸ™‚

  • I LOVE this so much because anxiety is something a lot of people don’t like to talk about and just sweep it under the rug – which is the worst thing you can do. Thank you for being brave and sharing this here – I think it’s going to help everyone who reads it, because so many of us struggle with different degrees of anxiety. Myself included. xx


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