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Twincare Blogger Breakfast│Product Review


So, the most incredible thing happened to me recently – I was invited to a Blogger Breakfast! Eeep! I know, right?! I couldn’t contain my excitement and couldn’t wait to hop on a flight to jhb and be there!

The Blogger Breakfast

The Blogger Breakfast event was hosted by Twincare International at their offices and it was so lavish! We started the bloggers breakfast with some champagne, muffins, fruit, smoothies and more. The benefit and purpose of the whole event was networking, it was an opportunity for local bloggers to get to know each other and get to know the company Twincare better too.

Twincare is all about offering high quality products, working with remarkable brands to bring these products to your local beauty, hair and nail salons.

I was honestly inspired by the amazing female power in the room. Who knew you could fit so many unique, talented and incredibly stylish people into one space? I’m not just talking about the bloggers! The hosts were so chic but so friendly and vibrant, it made for a wonderful start to the day. My only downside was that it went by so quickly and I would have loved to continue all day long!

I’m so grateful to have met so many wonderful bloggers/youtubers/insta queens who all are so different but share a same love – beauty.

Make no mistake, this event was unbelievable, but I almost did a summersault when I opened to peek in my goodie bag. Wow, like wow. Twincare honestly went above and beyond to make us all feel so welcome, so recognised and so spoiled!

Here is a list of all the goodies I received:

Screaming Beauty Ruff Up

A peppermint scented hand, feet and body exfoliator that I can’t wait to use. When exfoliating, you rid your body of dead skin and make way for fresh, clear skin.

Screaming Beauty Silli Sponge and Beauty Bobble

Two must-have makeup essentials – Screaming beauty knows just what you need. This silicon sponge is designed to avoid the over usage of foundation. It will add foundation to those hard to reach spots and keep your skin looking flawless. The beauty bobble might not be able to avoid absorbing foundation, but it is lightweight and will leave your skin look sleek and perfect every time.

Biosense Create Lift

Got limp unenthusiastic hair? This product is absolutely for you! Apply it to damp or dry hair and get ready for voluminous, gorgeous hair! It’s suitable for all hair types and won’t leave your hair with an oily build up.

Paul Mitchell Haircare Neon Sugar Cream

If you’re a lover of sleek braids or updos then this is just what you need. This amazingly scented product is used in wet hair and will ensure that your look is flawless all day long without a hair out of place.

Morocanoil Morocanoil Treatment

A classic for a reason, this treatment is absolutely amazing. The pump nozzle ensures that you won’t go OTT because I mean why wouldn’t you want to? No frill or fusses, this suitable for any hair type and will make you fall in love with your hair again.

Tigi Bedhead Joyride Texturizing Powder Balm

This fashion forward brand offers an ideal product to create that (yes, I know) perfect “bedhead” look. Simply twist the bottom, style your hair and voila! Effortlessly chic hair, I’m obsessed!

Screaming Beauty Travel Scent for Her

Another great fragrance to pop into my handbag! I love this concept so much because I’m forever searching for those small freebie bottles in magazines and now I have two fantastic scents in my bag at all times.

Guinot Anti-Wrinkle Cream

I hate to admit it but I’m officially at the age where I need to start really looking after my skin. French women have the most amazing flawless skin and so I’ hoping that this anti-wrinkle cream will be just what I need. Guinot, a Paris based company, has over 40 years of experience and is known globally as pioneers in skin and body care, has a meticulously honed collection of treatments and products which are available exclusively at prestigious spas worldwide.

Matis Cell Expert Beauty Elixir

I’m so ready to be that person who uses facial serums! Another French product, I can only imagine that my skin is going to benefit so much from this post face wash serum. Matis has been an anti-ageing pioneer and expert for 80 years. Their philosophy is based on three principles – skin, science and senses.

Artistic Colour Revolution

Screaming Beauty Silicon polish holder

These two certainly go hand in hand! Ha pun! I hate myself. Okay moving along… This polish is in a gorgeous cherry red and has a great consistency. What I’m most excited about is this silicon nail polish holder though! How cool? I know myself, I’m a klutz so this is perfect for me. Simply pop the bottle on top and start painting.

And there you go! I still can’t even process how lucky I am to have been invited to this bloggers breakfast and to receive all these incredible products!

Thank you Twincare! ♥

Here’s a video review of these products as well as a cheeky view into what the Blogger Breakfast event was like:


Have you tried any of these products before? If so let me know your thoughts on them in the comments below!

Thanks, VB xx

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