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ChrisiL Jewelry Travel Wallet │Wedding Weekend


When you pack for a weekend away or any travel experience, what do you with your jewellery? Probably stuff it in between your makeup or in a small pocket right? Well friend, this ChrisiL Jewelry Travel Wallet is exactly what you need.

I recently got my hands on two of these amazing wallets and let me tell you, they’re so useful! The ChrisiL Jewelry Travel Wallet has several compartments and clips to hold all your jewellery and is so sleek and stylish you’ll want to carry it everywhere. All I needed was an excuse to use one of my two beautiful wallets and surprisingly I had one.

Friends of ours got married this last weekend which meant getting to pack a variety of earrings, rings and more. The great thing about the ChrisiL Jewelry Travel Wallet is that it fit perfectly in my hand luggage (aka my handbag).

ChrisiL Jewelry Travel Wallet

The premier collection in deep pink

As you can see, it’s incredibly sleek and I was able to store more than just one or two pairs of earrings. I also stored my hair ties too which just made my travelling process so much smoother and effortless.

My ChrisiL Jewelry Travel Wallet went with me all the way to the Drakensburg and back. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be able to take it to next!

Where would you take your wallet if you had one?

If you want to get your hands on one – head on over to the website ChrisiL or to insta @chrisil_southafrica

Please be sure to let me know what you think!

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