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Top 10 Christmas Movies


I’ve been watching Christmas movies since early November. Yes, some might consider that to be ridiculous but hey, what can I say? I simply love Christmas movies!

If you’re like me and you love Christmas too then you’ll probably love these movies too! Here are my top 10 Christmas movies:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This is honestly my all-time fave Christmas movie! I love the Grinch and I love Cindy Lou! It’s strange seeing Little J without the intense black eyeliner (xoxo Gossip Girl) but overall this movie just makes me so happy.


Who doesn’t love this movie? Will Ferrell is just so convincing and I love how much Christmas spirit he has. Bring on the spaghetti and syrup!

Arthur Christmas

I know animation isn’t for everyone but this movie is just so heart-warming. Arthur is me, with so much Christmas spirit and I love Gwen the elf so much.

Christmas with the Kranks

Is it even Christmas without Tim Allen? No, didn’t think so! This movie is just a good laugh and will make all your Christmas (over-spending) blues simply just disappear.

Home Alone

A childhood classic that will never go out of style. Sure we could ax out the Trump scene but I wish I was as resourceful as Kevin. He makes pulling pranks seem like the perfect way to get rid of bad guys.

Deck The Halls

I would be lying if I said I don’t want my house to be as covered in lights as Danny DeVito’s house in the movie. His lights are #christmasgoals and the movie just generally fun and enjoyable.

The Santa Clause

Tim Allen! Do I really need to say more? If my dad turned into Santa I would be the happiest kid around!

Fred Clause

Vince Vaughn is one of my all-time fave actors and I just love getting to see him in a Christmas movie. He proves his worth not only to his family but also to his lady. It’s just what you want for Christmas!

Love Actually

Certainly not a child-friendly Christmas movie but hey! Love Actually is just a super sweet movie that will warm your heart without even trying. Also Hugh Grant dancing – swoon!

Bad Santa

Okay so this is a rather odd Christmas movie but Billy Bob is just awesome! If you want Christmas without the cheesy clichés then this is the movie for you.

Will you be watching any of these movies this Christmas? Also, I know there are so many other great ones out there but these are the top 10 that I watch every Christmas.

Which ones do you watch? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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Thanks, VB xx

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  • I love all of these classics. How the grinch stole Christmas is my favorite, and then it would have to be home alone.

    • Hehe same! I love Christmas movies so much!
      Happy holidays! 🙂


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