Life Update – Wedding time!


I can’t believe that in less than a week I’ll be getting married! I know I’ve been absent here and it was really not at all my intention, I had so many posts planned out but just didn’t get the time to make them happen! It’s been a while since I’ve given a life or rather a wedding update but here we are.

Life Update

So as I’ve mentioned, it’s almost wedding time! I can’t contain my excitement! Yes, I am definitely nervous but I’m so ready and so pumped! This has been a year of planning, stressing and execution.

We’ve got the vases; the cutlery; the flowers; the cake and the food; everything you can think of, we’ve got it! I have to say, none of it would be possible without the help of Kaylah from Kaylah Oshry Events. She has been the greatest help throughout the entire process. Between Rueben and I, we had no idea how much planning goes into making a dream wedding a reality. If not for Kaylah I would have forgotten about so many small details, but luckily that isn’t the case.

The Kitchen Tea

Life Update – my Kitchen tea. What a wonderful surprise! My mom went above and beyond to make this such a perfect affair! It was a Mad Hatters High Tea, complete with quirky hats all over and tons of tea (and wine) and snacks! I received so many amazing gifts, I got to see family members and my bridesmaids. It really meant the world to me and I’ll remember this day always!

The Bachelorette

Talk about a wild night! I think this photo is proof of how much fun we had! We were all Minnie Mouse’s this night and we had a blast! I know that movies tend to portray bachelorette’s as these extreme, insane and emotional nights… It’s pretty accurate! Haha but really, it was all I could have hoped for and more! It made me really feel like a bride-to-be and become really excited to get married!

The Final Prep

My future sister-in-law took me for an amazing full-body massage to prepare me for the big day but also for the last week of running around and getting things done!

Now all we have left is our rehearsal dinner and all my appointments. It feels like a theater production at this point, I have so many appointments and I have vows to prepare and a dance to rehearse before the big extravaganza!

My thoughts

This life update post might seem really pointless to some but to me it means a lot. I’ve been feeling super nostalgic lately, reminiscing on a whole blend of childhood memories and it’s so bittersweet. A part of me is like, I want to relive that moment again but at the same time I’m so excited for the future. I’m spending this last week living with my Mom and before I know it, it’ll be Friday evening and I’ll be sipping champagne in a hot tub with my bridesmaids. Yes, that’s our plans, are you jealous?

I hope that you will be patient with me, January has been a wild month and we’re only half way. When February rolls around, I’ll be back in full swing!

P.S I’ll be tweeting about all my appointments this week! Follow me as I get prepped for my big day! @veebee_couture

Lastly, if you have any marriage advice for me or general life advice, please share!

When we speak again, I’ll be a married woman!

Thanks, VB xx

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  • Good luck with the wedding! You are going to be a beautiful bride!

    • Ahh thank you so much!! xx

  • Happiness. You must be super excited!

    • I am!! I really can’t wait! 🙂 xx

  • The full body massage sounds so relaxing! I wish I had done that before my big day. I feel like it would have helped me be so much more relaxed.

  • It really made a world of a difference! 🙂


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