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A Short Girls Guide to Mules


I never thought I would ever dedicate an entire blog post to flat shoes but hey here we are! Mules are a rather tricky pair of shoes, you either love them or hate them. I’ll admit I was on the fence when I first saw them making waves again, I thought they would make my outfit look dated or that I just wouldn’t be able to rock them. That was until I tried them on – now I am freaking obsessed!

Being a shortie, it can be a bit troublesome wearing flat shoes and still looking sleek and taller. However, I’ve found that when styled correctly, mules can boost your look so much. They’re super comfortable and easy to wear, I opt for them more often than I thought I would!

How to wear Mules?

So now you’ve bought yourself a pair and you’re thinking “Okay, but what can I wear them with?” No need to panic! I’ve got you covered! Here are four effortlessly chic looks that include a classic pair of mules. Not all pairs are as minimalist as mine but I feel that these looks will be suitable for any pair you get your hands on.


Look 1: Glam Basics

The classic jeans and a white tee combo – there are few looks more timeless than this. I choose to pair this ensemble with my mules and then simply accessorise. A pair of statement earrings, a classic leather belt, dark sunnies and a statement bag. This look is suitable day or night and will have you looking great without even trying.

Look 2: Boho Babe

If you’re look is more eclectic then I feel like this is for you. When I put it together I got a very Parisian vibe and I love it! This skirt is already a bold statement and so accessorising can be minimal. Suitable for any season, add your mules to this outfit and then finish it off with a hat and cute handbag.

Look 3: Office Chic

Heels as a must in the workplace is a thing of the past. Unless you work in an office that requires you  to wear heels, this look is for you. Once again, we have a statement item in the form of a gingham blazer and thus the rest of the look is very understated and office appropriate. Your mules will keep you comfortable but still looking chic, and then all you need are a few sleek accessories and you’re set.

Look 4: Street Sleek

Are you feeling those old school vibes? This outfit was definitely my fave! It’s edgy and stylish but with little to no fuss. I’ve had this black skirt for years and I simply nicked one of Rueben’s tees (men’s tees are better than women’s in my opinion). Add a few striking items, like a bold lip and standout accessories and you’re ready for a day/night out on the town!

Want to see these looks in action?

I decided to show you what these looks actually look like! Check out my video below!

Where to buy:

So quite a few of my items are older but if you’re looking to recreate any of these looks then be sure to send me a comment and I’ll send you a link to a suitable alternative!

Please be sure to let me know what you think. Are mules the shoes for you? I personally feel like they’ll suit anyone if styled correctly. I’m just grateful that as a shortie, I’m not being excluded!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Also tag me in your insta’s if you post any chic OOTDs wearing your fave pair!

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Thanks, VB xx

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