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4 Ways to style OTK boots


It’s boots season! Well maybe not 100% yet but if you love boots like I do then you’ll agree that’s officially boots season. For years I’ve wanted a pair of OTK boots but being a shorty, I was concerned that it would make me look even shorter. This season I decided, to hell with that! I got myself an awesome pair from Zando and never looked back! Here are 4 of many ways you can style your OTK boots as a shorty (actually at any height).

4 ways to style your OTK boots



It’s clear that I love this shirt of Rueben’s but that’s not the point. This outfit is ideal for day or night, it’s ideal for autumn and it’s so effortless. All you need is a baggy man’s tee, chic shorts and a blazer – and of course, your OTK boots! I love it because it’s kinda got that IDGAF vibe and it’s fun and easy to wear.


Is it summer? Is it autumn? Is it winter? This outfit is perfect for that awkward in between weather. You can add elements of summer by rocking a summer dress with your OTK boots. I opted for a floral off the shoulder dress but you could recreate this look with a floral skirt and top combo or any flirty feminine ensemble. The options are endless.


I love this look! It feels so elegant and just so put together. Add a pair of statement earrings and some rings and you’re set. Not only will you be warm but you’ll look taller and effortlessly stylish. That’s what I love about OTK boots, they just transform any look from ordinary to glam. This look is also totally office appropriate like these looks here.


When the cold weather does finally arrive you’ll be prepared. This ensemble might seem basic but with just a few key accessories you’ll be set and looking chic. Style your OTK boots with a statement knit and jeans for a snug but stylish look. Dress it up or down to suit your needs and show winter you’re here and you look fab!

Your thoughts?

What do you think of these looks and OTK boots? Are you keen on them or are they not for you? Leave me a comment down below and share your thoughts!

Thanks, VB xx

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